All my recommendations and tips for a better travel experience. From packing tips and tricks, new ways to travel and cities to visit to recommendations on places in different countries or cities. Amazing postcards from my trips and the histories behind the journeys. Also I’ll share my experience with you so you can have a better one and avoid problems in your travels.


Todas mis recomendaciones y consejos para una mejor experiencia de viaje. Desde consejos y trucos para empacar, nuevas formas de viajar y ciudades para visitar. Recomendaciones sobre lugares en diferentes países o ciudades. Impresionantes postales de mis viajes y las historias detrás de ellas. También voy a compartir mi experiencia con ustedes para que pueda tener un mejor viaje y evitar problemas.


Postcards from Buenos Aires

Postcards from Buenos Aires

The last batch from my summer trip. This was my second time visiting Buenos Aires, and I liked the city more this time, but I HATED the weather. There’s something really magical and ethereal about Buenos Aires, the romantic touch in their architecture mixed with the sexy sounds of their tango and the beautiful colors you see around thanks to…

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