Thanksgiving 2019

Another year has gone by, another thanks to give –

I’m thankful for being alive, for being able to feel and to express myself, and for being surrounded by some privileges that make my life a little easier. I’m thankful for spending another year with my man, the best company I could have.

I’m thankful for change, for having the opportunity to evolve and learn. I’m thankful for the mental challenges I’ve been going through this year; I still don’t really understand what I’ve learned but I know it’s necessary to doubt myself, my path and my surroundings. I’m thankful for being able to talk about it, to do something about it and not feel judged or ashamed.

I’m thankful for the awakening and everything I’ve learned and tried to do with this social change. I’m thankful for living in another country that has taught me so much and continues doing so.

I’m thankful for my job, for being happy and in love with what I do, and for all the clients and amazing people I’ve worked with. I’m thankful for my freelance experiencie, and for Golden Strokes. Even though it wasn’t the best year in numbers or opportunities, it was amazing to have a community to talk to, help, inspire and be inspired by.

I’m thankful for my friends. For those who stayed with me, for those who left me and for the new additions to my life. I’m thankful for my new mexican gang that makes me feel less alone and crazy in this journey.

But the thing I’m most thankful about is that I realized how strong and driven I am, how many obstacles I had to overcome in life that didn’t stop or define me and how, constantly, I’m trying to be a better version of myself.

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