Thanksgiving 2018

Another year has gone by, another thanks to give –

I’m thankful for all the craziness and chaos that have helped me to be where I am right now. I’m thankful for spending another year with the love of my life, in love with myself, with him, with us. I’m thankful for my home, for the country I live in, for the country I come from and for all that I’ve learn from them.

I’m thankful for the new people that came into my life, the new friends, the new clients and the new people in the Golden Strokes community. I’m thankful for having a group of friends online who challenge and support me everyday.

I’m thankful for my family and for my friends (my new family) that this year proved me that family is also the people you choose to be surrounded by. I’m thankful for all their love, support, for them caring and for the fun moments. I’m thankful for my mom who surpassed herself and finished her university career and proved that is never too late to learn and be better.

I’m thankful for all the goals reached this year, for the blog, my brand, for everything I learned and for the job that I still have. For being able to work from whatever I want and get an fair payment for my hours. I’m thankful for living a privileged life, where, although I have to work really hard, I’m free, I can freely spend my money and don’t get worried about fundamental stuff such as food, a roof or health. I’m thankful for reaching that point in my life where I totally love my status.

But the thing I’m most thankful this year is for not having a plan at and for all the times I doubt myself. I’m thankful for my inner growth, fears and tears, they took me very far this year.

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