The Iconic Little Black Dress

The Iconic Little Black Dress Still Rocks in 2017

If you only own one party dress, make it a little black number. This simple garment has been a wardrobe staple for nearly a hundred years, and with good reason.

Wearing an LBD, like the ones you can find here, really is the easiest way to look your best. Importantly, this is the case almost regardless of what type of event or party you are planning to attend.

The little black dress really is the ultimate party dress, so unsurprisingly most retailers stock a good selection. This is certainly the case, this year. As you will see, fashion designers everywhere are reaching back into to the past for inspiration.

Shift dresses with a twist

The shift dress is a classic cut that never really goes out of fashion. It is glamorous and sophisticated and looks good on most women.

This year, there are quite variations of this cut. Amongst my favorites are the cape style shift dresses. They hug the figure, but the wide sleeves and cape styling provide plenty of additional interest.

Cut-out shoulder dresses

For an autumn party, a cut-out shoulder black dress is a particularly good option. Although it is a good idea to buy yourself a nice shawl to wear as well, to keep the chill off. Red and pink work particularly well with black and both colors are widely available, this year.

Bodycon and Magisculpt LBDs

If you are feeling a bit self-conscious about your figure, do not let that stop you from wearing a daring little black dress. There are plenty of fantastic bodycon and magisculpt LBDs available. These are great for taming your bulges and creating the smooth silhouette that you crave.

Fun skater dresses

For a more casual party, a black skater dress is a great option. Flare dresses are cut in a similar way, so are also nice. The fact that both styles flare out slightly helps to accentuate the waistline, which tends to create a flattering silhouette that works well for the curvier woman.

Lacy gowns

A black dress made from a luxury fabric is always a good option for a party. Lace dresses are heavily textured, which makes them a really good plus-size option. The fact that they are usually multi-layered means that they usually provide a good level of support.

Ultra chic maxi style dresses

If you have been invited to a special event, or formal dinner, a maxi style dress is an ideal option. The fact that they are full-length means that they always look stylish. This year, it is also possible to buy fishtail style maxi dresses, in black. These dresses are particularly flattering for the fuller figure.

Choosing the Right Cut for Your Body Type

Naturally, you want to look your best, so are willing to spend a while shopping around to find the right LBD for you. This article will help you to quickly narrow down your options. That way you will not end up wasting too much time trying on dresses that are not really suitable for your body type

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