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Graphic-tee-t-shirt-with-a-message-collage-vintage-street-styleSo, even tough the Graphic Tee was on its trendiest moments few seasons ago, now I thinks it’s a must have on our closets. Today I needed one too much, just grab a simple, comfy but cool shirt and done. So I’m finally thinking on getting one, or maybe two.

I went over because they have really low prices and a huge variarity of styles, and I don’t know about you but I’m either into wearing the same thing as the whole word, but I don’t care that much if it happens, you know? So when I’m late on trends is actually cool, because I can find cheaper options and look ‘different’.


Honestly my favorites are the loose-comfy ones, like the Dream – Belive, Love, love, love or Sequin Mouth but then I like the FINEJO one because the design is really cool and it can spice up a look really easily, and well the phrase on the Don’t Worry Be Yoncé it’s just too cool to resist!

I made this baby wish list with my top 5 favorite graphic tee, as you can see they are mostly basic colors with cool phrases and the good thing about this kind of t-shirt is that is simple enough to wear it off duty or you can dress it up and have a formal look, but without looking super boring with a plain t-shirt or blouse.

Oh! And just for you to know, this wish list is worth $18.86 dlls! 

Here’s an example of how you can work a graphic tee for different styles or moods04cfbc7e9788821e6d69584bd88d1c53 copy

Now you tell me:
Do you like or own a graphic tee? Which one do you recommend me to buy?

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