Time to try on some fake lashes

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Let’s wing those eyes

One of the unknown realms of makeup for me are fake lashes. I have zero experiencie using them or even trying to. The first and only time I applied lashes to myself was around 6 years ago, I was in my car getting ready for a party for myself and bought some lashes without a brand or anything in a little makeup shop near my house, it was getting dark and I was running late so I opened the tube of glue applied them and drove to the club.

No one said anything, I had a blast but the next day when I saw the pictures you could tell how wrong I applied them and how bad they were as a product. Really stiff, extra long on the sides and the glue had a weird shine to it… it was awful.

FALSE LASHES: Do's and Don'ts | For Beginners! - YouTube

After that I never tried again, but no I feel like I’m ready to step up my makeup game and its time to learn how to use fake lashes properly. Not only use them, but know how to choose, find a style that fits me, which one is the best material, etc.

So I started looking around and found this sites with different options to buy:

Best part, Lashine has a code for 20% off: “SPRING20” and they have a huge selection of different styles and types of lashes such as mink lashes, synthetic and even a magic lash kit that I find really interesting, it says it requires no glue or magnets and includes a magic eyeliner to apply the lashes.

For the magic kit they have bundles with 3 lashes to try, I loved the Wild Rose collection, I like how it has distinct options so I can experiment with different looks. I feel like this year is my time for cateye eyeliner and fake lashes.

This post is sponsored by Lashine, all opinions are my own.

Now you tell me:
Are you trying something new makeup related this year?

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