What to Do Before, During and After Laser Hair Removal

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Body hair is somewhat of a taboo subject, but it is one we all deal with. Whether you have a few hairs you want to remove or many, you may be sick of having them regrow seemingly as fast as you can remove them at home. That is because shaving and waxing are convenient hair removal methods, but they are not fully effective. To stop struggling with mixed results and fast regrowth, you may need to try a stronger and more accurate hair removal treatment, such as a laser hair removal procedure. If that is the case, you need to understand the full process from start to finish.

Why Lasers Work Better Than Most Other Hair Removal Methods

The first step in undergoing laser hair removal is understanding why you should. The reason is simple. Lasers are more accurate and faster than shaving and many other hair removal techniques. A quarter-sized section of hair can be treated with a laser in approximately one second. Also, lasers are able to target each individual hair in the treatment area so none are missed. The same is not always true when you wax or shave.

Another reason laser hair removal works better than many other treatments is it is not a surface hair removal treatment. Surface treatments, such as shaving, only remove the top portions of each hair, but hair strands extend well below the surface. They also have deep roots, called follicles. The laser equipment for sale by top skincare companies today that is used in clinics is able to target hairs down to the follicles. As the laser damages each hair shaft and follicle, it weakens them, eventually calling them to fall out.

How Soon Laser Hair Removal Gets Rid of Hairs
Laser hair removal does not get rid of hairs instantly. In fact, you may not notice any change during or after your first treatment. It can take a series of several appointments before the hairs fall out. You also need to understand hairs weaken at different rates. Therefore, some may fall out quickly. Others may take additional treatments before they disappear.

How Long Regrowth After Laser Hair Removal Takes
There is no exact answer to how long it will take for hair to regrow after laser treatment. Factors that may influence regrowth time include how many treatment sessions you have and the part of your body where the hair is located. However, hair often takes weeks to regrow after treatment. When it comes back it may look lighter in color and have a finer texture as well. Also, some hairs may never grow back at all, but such results are not fully predictable.

Protecting Your Skin Before Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal is a fairly safe procedure, and your clinician can use numbing salves or cool air blasts to make the process more comfortable for you. However, there are extra risks in some cases. For example, you must protect your skin before treatment by keeping it clean and devoid of any chemicals or products, such as makeup or lotion. Such products can heat quickly during treatment, burning your skin in the process.

Protecting Your Skin After Laser Hair Removal
Protecting your skin after laser hair removal is equally important. The treatment can make it extra sensitive to the sun. Your clinician will advise you about how long you need to avoid sun contact after treatment. Using a sunscreen with a high SPF rating, even when you are cleared to go in the sun, is advisable to prevent easy sunburning and other skin damage.

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