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zaful-golden-necklace-statement-piece-collar-dorado-outfit-ideasI’ve always been a big fan of accessories, specially necklaces and rings. I remember 4-5 years ago ‘the bigger the better’ was really trendy talking about accessories, but now it’s all about the balance. I recently found this brand that has so many cool necklaces perfect to spice up a simple classy look.

The thing is that when you have a great statement piece you just need to pair it with anything like a plain white t-shirt and some boyfriend jeans or with a crop top and cute skirt or even with a dress, and there you have it: a cool effortless look. In (a site with reasonable prices that ships worldwide) you can find a lot of jewelry to create nice outfits with statement necklaces in bold colors and combinations. My personal favorites are the golden ones – because, you know, Golden Strokes haha- I found 3 pieces that I’m dying for.


I’m really into textures and clean lines right now, so when I saw the Splicing Circle Necklace I fell in love instantly. I love the knot and the clean baseline, and I really liked the mix of natural coral like shapes of the Special Pendant Necklace, which by the way is 90% off! And my other favorite is also quite simple, but really bold and heavy: Gold Color Pendant Necklace. They all have this ‘look at me’ factor that any statement piece needs to have.

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Besides the cool designs and the beautiful color, you know what’s even cooler? The price! Each of them costs less than 6 dollars! Zaful is really helping our closet, huh! There’s a necklace for every style. Are you looking for something more boho or edgy? I’m sure you’ll find it!

I really think every girl needs one of this babes in her wardrobe for those days when you don’t want to think about your look so much, but still wanna keep it chic. So, have you chosen your perfect companion?

Now is your turn:
Do you like statement necklaces? Which color 
or style is your fave?

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