Oscars Fashion Favorites 2015

oscars-fashion-favorites-emma-lupita-chaneloscars-dresses-fashion-2015Here are my Oscars fashion favorites of the night. I love this red carpet, I feel like it’s the modern version of the royal dances or festivals we see in old movies. But this time, besides fashion, I really got into the nominated movies and actors. Mister P and I tried to watch all the movies and learn a little bit more about the ceremony. I was very happy to see that most of my favorites won something, “The Grand Hotel Budapest” was without a doubt one of the best movies of the year; and well, even if it didn’t won Best Motion Picture of 2015, “The theory of everything” is going to be one of my favs for a long time -Eddie got the best actor award so thats quite enough for me, well deserved.

Talking about fashion, as always I was totally into princess like cuts and embroiled dresses. My very favorite of the night was Jamie Ching, I’m just a weak romantic talking about gala dresses, and that reminds me when I saw Jennifer López in that Elie Saab dress and I was so used to ignore her -because her style is not really my thing- so this time I was surprised to see her in this cute, princes like dress. Emma Stone was stunning as always, though it’s not my favorite look of hers, but I loved the bold choice and the beautiful styling. Also, I really liked Reese Witherspoon with that simple yet modern white and black dress.


Chris Pine was my favorite male, followed by the handsome Eddie with his deep blue suit and his cute smile. I might admit this year wasn’t my favorite and I’m not sure why, because of the trends we are seeing; a lot of nude and white, which aren’t precisely my favorites tones. That, mixed with super simple cuts, made this red carpet a little bit boring, they played too safe. But talking about beauty and styling, I love the new trends that are coming in hair matters: middle parts and slicked-down updos. Also I’m a big fan of clean faces, finally less is more in makeup/corrections, we saw a lot of clean faces with soft colors, making their own beauty outstand.

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2 Responses

  1. ¡Hola Luisa!

    Definitivamente coincidimos en nuestros favoritos, sobre todas las cosas mi obsesión de la noche fue Emma Stone si que sabía lucir ese hermoso vestido de Elie Saab, al contrario de JLO que honestamente no me gustó para nada como lucia el vestido.

    En cuanto a los hombres, definitivamente Chris Pine se llevó la noche aunque honestamente no puedo ser muy imparcial porque adoro a Benedict y siento que se veía como todo un caballero con esa mezcla de blanco y negro.


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